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Who is Exmoor Charitable Trust

We used to be known as Exmoor Trust, but found we were often confused with other Exmoor Groups, so we added the word ‘charitable’ to distinguish ourselves.  As written elsewhere our aims are to help those on Greater Exmoor and the surrounds - whether they live on Exmoor, earn their living on Exmoor or just visit our beautiful environment. 

Renewable energy programme

Our renewable energy programme continues, although on a somewhat reduced attraction.  In the past, there were government incentives to put solar panels on your home or shed by paying a feed-in tariff.  This has now come to an end, but we are still assisting with funding where possible.  This scheme has been going for about 10 years and those who took a grant at the beginning are now finding that they have repaid the initial loan and are seeing the benefit of cheaper electricity.  If you are considering a community project which includes a renewable energy programme, we do have some grants still available.

Who we help with your donations

  • Just before the lockdown, we agreed to fund two of the planks in the new bridge across the river just above Lynmouth. 
  • We have been able to help the Exmoor Hill Farm Network with some technology upgrades.
  • Just before the lockdown, we were able to assist with school children’s lunches in the Exmoor area.
  • Trustees agreed to match fund a project organised by Exmoor National Park which was to plant a new woodland just up the valley from Winsford.
  • Parracombe Village Hall is undergoing some major renovations having moved location, with some renewable energy suggestions, and we have agreed to help them too.

These are just some of the causes we have supported in the past.  It is where your donation could go.  So please think about making a donation.  Exmoor would be very grateful for any amount and I promise it will be put to good use. 

Thank you very much.

Covid Update

Throughout the covid pandemic, everyone everywhere found it difficult to carry out normal routines and many found themselves unable to visit family and friends - especially during the lockdown. Many of the homes on Exmoor are isolated and people found that deliveries of basic requirements including food for the household members and food for farm animals were not easy. For farmers - fencing and maintenance materials were in short supply and prices increased considerably. Whilst the Exmoor Charitable Trust wasn’t able to assist with deliveries - contact with members, supporters, neighbours and friends was maintained and where necessary help was sought from other directions.

Heading back to what we used to call normal, we will be holding meetings again before too long. Trustees have kept in touch throughout and have discussed appeals for grants as they came in.

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