What We Do

The Exmoor Trust raises funds through membership, donations and events in order to support local enterprise. It awards small grants under our three headings of Community, Education and Environment.

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Get Involved

If you would like to help us, make a donation, become a member, or why not run your own fund-raising event! It could be a sponsored walk, ride or swim, a 'come and have a coffee and chat' morning, a cream tea and open your garden, a raffle, or surprise us with something different! We would welcome your support.

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How We Use Your Gift

If you have raised funds for a specific project we will make sure your funds go to that project. Our Trustees meet 9 times a year and go through all applications for grants to make sure they fit our aims and objectives.

Latest News + Updates.

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Who We Are

The Exmoor Trust was set up by a steering group following a public meeting in Dulverton in the Autumn of 1998. The Trust registered as a charity on the 1st of October 1999. Today, we are a group of local people who care deeply about making life better for those who live, work or visit the Greater Exmoor area and for ensuring that future generations are able to continue to enjoy this very special part of England.

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Our Vision.

Greater Exmoor is a very special place and those who find it, live within it, visit it, work and earn a living from it know that they are fortunate. It is a place that offers serenity, calm and peacefulness with healing properties for many. The amazing landscape, the wildlife, fauna and flora of Exmoor are unique as are the dark skies at night where the only light comes from the moon and stars that shine brightly. The Exmoor Trust seeks to do everything it can to help to maintain this diversity and to support the farmers, land managers and rural communities who are responsible for keeping Exmoor special. Our vision is to continue to make Exmoor a better place for everyone especially for our children and for future generations, so that they may have as much enjoyment out of the area as we do today.